Target Identification

Our patented Target Identification system will help you identify the orientation of buried

objects so that you can find your target faster, and avoid digging unnecessary holes.  

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Mode 1:

Basic magnetic locator

Mode 2: 




Compact and Controlled


Specially designed for the utility industry.  ID2100's compact design and controlled sensitivity makes it easy to locate curb boxes, valves, manhole covers and survey markers with pinpoint accuracy.  

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Length: 34"

*Also available in longer 37" length [model: ID2100X] 



Superior Sensitivity


Specially designed for the professional land surveyor.  ID2100S features the same pinpoint 

accuracy that ID2100 is known for, but it's added length and sensitivity make ID2100S the perfect tool for locating survey markers.   When using TID, ID2100S is especially great at locating survey markers along fence lines. 


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Length: 37"

Carrying case included

Easy battery replacement


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