Target Identification



Mode 1:  Basic magnetic locator

Mode 2: TID

We designed TID to save you time and money from digging unnecessary holes. Using TID at all times will help you determine whether a ferrous object is buried vertically or horizontally, making it especially useful for locating survey markers along fence lines, manhole covers, catch basins, cast iron pipes, septic tank handles, oil tanks, steel drums, well casings and much more. 

See below for more details.  

How Tid works

Vertical Objects

Horizontal objects

Vertical objects are indicated by a red LED and an audio tone that peaks directly over the object. 

Horizontal objects are indicated by a red LED and a variable audio tone on one end, and a green LED and a fixed audio tone on the other.

Using TID at all times will help you avoid digging up unwanted objects. 


TID + fence lines

Stop guessing.  Stay standing.

Hold the locator the way it was designed to be held.  The bottom of the fence has a south polarity, the top of the target object has a north polarity.  Green means go, red means stop.

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