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Patented Target Identification



Mode 1:  Basic magnetic locator.

Mode 2: TID

Designed to save you time from digging unnecessary holes, TID will help you determine whether a target object is positioned vertically or horizontally.  

See below for more details.  

How Tid works

Vertical Objects

Horizontal objects

Vertical objects are indicated by a red LED and an audio tone that peaks directly over the object. 

Horizontal objects are indicated by a red LED and a variable audio tone on one end, and a green LED and a fixed audio tone on the other.

Using TID at all times will help you avoid digging up unwanted objects. 


TID + fence lines

Stop guessing.  Stay standing.

Hold the locator the way it was designed to be held.  The bottom of the fence has a south polarity, the top of the target object has a north polarity.  Green means go, red means stop.